Hands On With iTero®

Join us for an evening of learning, scanning, sipping & snacking! Learn more about digital dentistry with a demonstration of the iTero® Element intra oral scanner.


  • How iTero® Element 5D Plus and Capital Ceramics create a seamless digital workflow to decrease turnaround time, improve lab communication and enhance dental procedure success through digital.
  • How to grow your practice by increased patient acceptance when using iTero applications such as Occlusogram, TimeLaspe Technology & Outcome Simulations.
  • How the iTero Element 5D enhances patient communication through one scan that simultaneously records 3D images, colour photos, and NIRI images.
Sip ‘n Scan I Thurs. August 12.21

Understand the Science. Eliminate the Guesswork.

Predictable Bonding to Li-Disilicate & Zirconia

Several different “recipes” are available from different sources claiming a “quick and easy” type of procedure when bonding Li-Disilicate or Zirconia prosthesis. The best practice, however, points to understanding the differences in the structure of these materials and how they react to fabrication and pre-delivery procedures; and how that affects the subsequent bonding and clinical success of prostheses.

A great deal of successful bonding depends on the procedures executed in the dental laboratory, hence the clinical success depends on the best communication practice between the clinician and the technician. The program will discuss current clinical practice for bonding Li-Disilicate and Zirconia prostheses and present evidences of what is currently supported by good science. The goal is to provide participants with the scientific tools to make their own decisions for best practice when bonding these ceramic materials and improve communication with their labs.

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Rare Form: Treatment Planning Complex Restorations Utilizing Dental Photography and Collaborative Laboratory Communication Protocols

Speakers: Dr. Miles R. Cone & Cornelia Cone

Prosthetic dentistry is a specialty in crisis. Peer-reviewed publications, industry advertisements, over-the-counter/do-it-yourself remedies and social media outlets are currently dictating the cosmetic narrative for our patients that “faster, whiter, and, straighter” teeth are the true testaments to personal beauty and optimal oral health. This race to the bottom is juxtaposed against a recent resurgence of clinicians and dental technicians endeavouring to facilitate collaborative techniques utilizing advanced dental ceramics, high-end dental photography, customized intraoral shade analysis, and predictable chairside and benchtop protocols. This challenge to the status quo has significantly augmented the dental professional’s ability to exceed the soaring expectations of our patients, achieve uncommon successful treatment outcomes, and ultimately redefine the standards of contemporary natural aesthetics and hyper-real prosthetics in the fields of fixed, implant and removable dentistry.

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